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Faisalabad is the city of Pakistan’s greatest musician 'Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan'. It was once called the biggest village of Asia because of its rural culture, but day by day it is becoming more urbanized. It is now the third largest city of Pakistan after Karachi and Lahore.

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It is situated in the North Eastern Part of Pakistan in the province of Punjab 120 km west of Lahore. It is situated 360 km south of the capital Islamabad. The district lies from 30-35 to 31-47 north Latitudes and 72-73 to 73-40 east longitudes and covers an area of 5,856 Square kilometers. (read more)



The city of Faisalabad is not more than a century old. Just hundred years back this region was the center of keeping livestock. This city was irrigated in 1892 when Jhang & Gogera branches were supplied water. The foundation of first ever-residential area was laid in 1895. (read more)



Faisalabad has the distinction of being a seat of world famous Agricultural University (founded in 1909) and equally renowned Agricultural Ayub Research Institute. Faisalabad is sometimes also called the city of scientists, as there are more PhD’s here than any other city of Pakistan. (read more)



Today, Faisalabad is the biggest industrial city of Pakistan. Due to its industrial network and emphasis on textile products, it is also known as the Manchester of Pakistan. It is the hub of textile production in Pakistan. (read more)

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